2 year follow up!

Hello- long time no update!

I just got back from Chicago for my 2 year follow up and I’m happy to say my MRIs again showed no new or enhancing lesions! My doctors were very happy with my improvement and progress. I will return to Chicago once a year for the next 3 years- and after that I will not need a repeat MRI unless I really suspect my MS has relapsed.

I’m feeling great and my mobility has greatly improved from 2 years ago. I can walk at least a mile without any weakness in my legs. The only remaining symptom seems to be my vision damage- which isn’t surprising since that happened when I was 12.

The neurologist at northwestern has told me the most problematic lesions on my cervical spine look like they’re fading. I’m very optimistic about the next few years.

The only issue I’ve had of late is a random increase in bladder troubles. I’ve been tested for UTIs many times, and was then evaluated for BK virus. This is a virus that is dormant in most everyone but can become symptomatic (cystitis, vision issues) after you are immunosuppressed. I tested positive but this wasn’t enough to decide to treat for it- because pretty much everyone is positive. They ran a culture on my urine which grew some type of bacteria- so they are thinking I just need a specific antibiotic and my issues should subside. This is great news as I’ve been battling this since May now!

Big thanks to everyone who has followed my journey since the beginning. Continue to spread the word about this amazing treatment and feel welcome to refer people to me if they want to pursue this cure!

God is good


Also- me and this boy are still very much in love. #stemcelllovestory #drburtthematchmaker

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