6 months

Hello! It’s been 6 months yesterday since my stemmie birthday. 

I’ve been doing okay for the most part. I’ve had a few more weak days than normal as of late. Trying to stay positive and remind myself of all the good progress I’ve seen. Having MS for 4 years, it’s hard not to feel a little bit of fear when experiencing these things again. My follow up is next month, flights booked and all. Praying I’ll get some good news from my MRI that can put my mind at ease. I really wish I could just get it now to calm myself down. I remind myself daily I have been so blessed and God led me to this treatment. 

I am doing well in school so far. I took on an overtime class schedule in attempt to get back on track for my original graduation time. Some days I’m in class until almost 9 pm. I think the stress of this could be contributing to some returning MS symptoms so I’m doing my best to get assignments planned and done as soon as I know about them some I’m not overloaded with stress during due dates. 

My friend wrote an article about me that was published in our school newspaper. I love having opportunities to get the word out about HSCT. http://nevadasagebrush.com/blog/2017/01/24/student-defeats-incurable-disease/

I visited Josh in Tucson last weekend. It was great to get away from the cold weather for a bit. We went to a zoo and I was so impressed by how well he was doing walking. I also needed a few breaks due to the heat. 

I will update again at my follow up.

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