Day +111

Things are going pretty good! Spent this past weekend with josh and his family at his brothers wedding. It was a great time beginning to end, and Josh looks super handsome in a tux. Even got some pretty serious dancing in with Josh’s dad- something I was very surprised I was able to do at all. 

Noticing little improvements like this all the time- but still have some very weak days here and there. 

I will be going back up to Reno for school this weekend and moving into my own apartment for the first time. I’m very excited to get back into the swing of things up there with classes and all that. Normalcy is helpful.

I had some issues a few weeks ago with an infected lymph node- and after a cat scan and biopsy it has subsided with antibiotics. I haven’t gotten a cold again since my cold during month 2, so knock on wood.

I’m grateful everyday for all the blessings I have been granted this year. From HSCT to a pretty amazing boy in my life, 2016 has been a pretty good one.

Will update again soon. 6 month follow up scheduled for March. And my hair is really coming in!


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