Day +81

I haven’t updated in a month so I figured it’s time! We are getting close to the 3 month mark, my hair is finally starting to come, but it’s very light.

I’m still working on leg strength training but my endurance walking continues to improve. I went to a Halloween party last night and was able to be on my feet for 3 hours with no breaks, and walk out feeling MS free. 

I am able to jump now, something my spasticity and stiffness would never let me do a few months ago, and I’m walking down stairs with no railing most days. My coordination isn’t the best, though my heel toe walk has improved I would still get breathalized if a cop had me try it. The numbness in my hands is no longer noticeable or even present most of the time. I am so happy and so grateful.

Side effects from treatment are still present, I got sick a few weeks ago and it took 2 weeks and some antibiotics to finally feel good again. I still get dizzy randomly and just feel out of it some days. This should improve as time goes on. I have scars from where my line was in my arm, and a pretty sick scar on my neck from where my stem cells were harvested.

My mom and I attended RiSE lantern festival the first week of October, where over 10,000 paper lanterns were released into the sky all at once. This was an event I had done two years ago, but I felt it was only fitting to recreate the moments without MS.​

Josh visited me a couple weeks ago and I got to spend a few days with him and his parents which was so nice. I’m so glad stem cell brought this boy into my life. He inspires me everyday (plus he’s SUPER cute).

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