Day +52

I have a fever of 99.8 but I’m excited about it! Lol because -Pre HSCT whenever I would get even a low grade fever my MS symptoms would flare out of control. My vision would go out, my legs would be jelly. One time it got so bad I basically had to be carried into my house from the car because I just couldn’t walk. So I see an improvement in heat tolerance for sure! 🙂

I’m still doing well with my gym stuff, 3x a week and I’ve already noticed the amount of resistance I’m using need an increase. I’m able to do a mile and a half or so on the bike and walk away fine which is very encouraging. I also live in a 3 story home currently and I recently noticed I have stopped using the railing on the way down the stairs. 6 months ago that would have seemed like an impossible feat, now it’s no big deal.

I thank God everyday for this amazing opportunity and pray that others have the same chance I did to half their autoimmune disease. Everyone deserves a second chance at a normal life.

Last weekend I went to Arizona to visit one of my favorite people, who I got to meet all because of stem cell too.

One thought on “Day +52

  1. congratulations, Alexa! So many of us here have been praying for you! Keep up your great march to full health, and keep the FAITH!!


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