Day +36

Got a gym membership today! The one time fee for a 3 month membership is way cheaper than a copay every time I go to physical therapy, and I can go as many times a week as I want. Excited to get stronger!

My heart rate has gone pretty much back to normal, it was around 120 while on the stationary bike. I assume it is in the normal range at a resting rate. I haven’t been getting dizzy or lightheaded while walking around anywhere. Work is going well, I can type for much longer before my hand starts to go numb, but it still happens. This is the case with many of my ms symptoms currently, I can walk for a longer period of time than before but my legs do still get tired and heavy eventually. Praying I continue to see improvement in endurance in these areas, but I am pleased with the progress already. I do still have bad days where my coordination is more off than usual or my legs are being spastic when I stand, but that should improve as  I continue recovering from this difficult process.

Josh says I’ve been killing it so I must be doing something right. 😉



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