Day +11

Yesterday was very nice. The home we are staying in has a beautiful claw foot tub I definitely will take advantage of. 

My legs have felt steady and I’m peeing like a normal person which is cool. I’m having a problem with very high heart rate. In the 120s resting and probably close to 200 when I’m walking. It makes me very short of breath and light headed. That is something they were watching in the hospital, but just kept pumping me full of fluids which wasn’t helping anything. I think my body is just in shock from all the medications I’ve been on the past two weeks, chemo, rATG, neupogen, norco. Hopefully it is something that will improve as these things wash out of my body. We bought a portable pulse ox and will keep an eye on this. I don’t think it is necessary to see a cardiologist as they ran multiple EKGs and my heartbeat is normal, just very fast. 

This morning we will be walking around the corner to meet a friend for coffee. I am also expecting a call with northwestern to discuss how I’m feeling.

I have also started the meds I will be on for a year, an antiviral and anti fungal. I am going to start bactim on Monday which I think is to prevent shingles.

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