Day -5 

Today I was admitted to northwestern at 7:30a.m. They took my vitals and drew some blood from my picc (love this thing OMG). I was started on a saline drip and mesna first, then a course of steroids. Before they started chemo, Ratg, and lasix they did end up placing a Foley catheter to protect my bladder. This is something I have been stressing about for weeks, I even was a huge princess and demanded a topical anesthetic before(didn’t work).  The process itself is quick and it’s definitely going to save me from 50 bathroom trips a day. 

They started the chemo and lasix right after the foley was placed and I haven had side effects accept for the gross taste from steroid and I’ve been a little drowsy. 

Also got a couple visitors- 3 HSCT veterans 6mos, 1yr, and 2yrs post transplant, they gave me a beanie which was very sweet of them

Also got a care package from this really cute boy that came to visit me, so sweet and thoughtful! 😍 I love my stuffed piggy 

So far we are A-ok! 

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