Mobilization – day 3 

Oh what a rough night! I was getting my last bag of steroids right before I left the hospital which gave me insane nausea. I was given companzine which made me immediately drowsy. The steroids basically sent me into an anxiety attack and my legs felt extremely heavy. I dragged myself to the car and cried and slept in a ball the whole ride home lol. I got home around 5 and passed out until 6 am the next morning, feeling lots better!

One thought on “Mobilization – day 3 

  1. Alexa you are so brave. I know this is extremely hard right now, but try to stay positive and strong. In awhile this will be behind you and you will feel so much better. Anything is possible through Jesus Christ, just keep believing in Him
    I love you Alexa. Love Grandma Jan


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