Mobilization- Day 2

Due to a mixture of steroids, lasix, and a little bout of nausea I did not sleep much last night. I was up peeing every hour (lol). I had a little nausea around midnight and the nurse gave me some zofran via IV which kicked it in 15 minutes. The vampires came in at 4:30 am to take my labs, and I fell back asleep until about 6. 

Now I just have to wait for my24 hour mesna drip to finish around 2pm and I’m free to go home. Neupogen starts on Sunday! And they told me I’m small enough to just need one shot 🙂 good news.

One thought on “Mobilization- Day 2

  1. Alexa, well day one is over without too many side effects wahoo! You are a strong young lady and have a wonderful attitude about all of this. There are so many unknowns for you but your faith in God will keep your fears away. I pray for you every night for comfort and healing.


    Aunt Cheryl 😍😍😘

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