Mobilization – Day 1

I’m typing this from my recliner at northwestern getting my last bit of chemo therapy infused.

The day started hectic- I had my blood drawn and then it took 3 nurses, 5 pokes, and a UV vein finder to get an IV in ;). Once it was in I started a fluid drip and steroids (per request). I was also given a mesna drip for my kidneys and given another steroid and lasix. I probably had to pee half a million times. I denied the foley this time- but for transplant I have to:/. They started the chemo after the steroid drip finished. I felt wasabi nose IMMEDIATELY, burning and sneezing. The nurse turned the drip down and it was resolved in minutes :). The night ended with a visit from some awesome HSCT friends 🙂  So far so good! Will update again tomorrow.

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