Pretesting is a Piece of CAKE

I started all my pretesting before mobilization this week. The hardest part of it all was the stick for the lab work (unless you don’t like blood, then DO NOT look at how many vials they are taking out of you (;.) The first day I also did my EKG and xray, which took minutes only. I also did a pulmonary test and blew into a tube, had an EDSS scoring, and got to have an overview of harvest. I have not done the echo yet. Things are smooth sailing!



One thought on “Pretesting is a Piece of CAKE

  1. I love that you are blogging. Keep it up as you will definitely help others as you share your experiences. I am so glad to hear that so far it has been smooth sailing and I pray that keeps up. Remember I love you and many, many people are praying for your health and healing! XOXO…


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